What is the Khamsin Virtual Racecar Challenge?
The KVRC challenge is a competition to design the bodywork of a virtual F1 racing car. Teams design a 3D model of the bodywork. They submit this model to our team. Each design aerodynamic performance is assessed using Computational Fluid Dynamics software developed by Hibou Scientific Software. These performances are then converted into lap-time using Virtual Stopwatch developed by Competition Car Engineering.

The fastest design wins the race...

16/6/2014 - End of Season
Thank you to everyone who took part in 2014, it was a great season. Preliminary discussions are under way for 2015 so keep checking back for updates. We might go quiet for a while, but discussions will keep rolling on the f1 tech forum. Remember, its not to late to have your say on 2015. We have two forms you can fill our. The first, you can have your say on which direction you would like 2015 to go. The second, feel free to make your suggestions. Also, if you are interested in becoming a sponsor for next season, please feel free to contact us to discuss this.

08/6/2014 - Race 5 Nurburgring and Championship Results
KVRC 2014 draws to a close with the final race at the Nurburgring. To watch the race click here and for the full result click here. Stay tuned for a review with our champion!

28/05/2014 - Race 5 Nurburgring
So as KVRC 2014 draws to a close we approach the last race, Nurburgring, where all the final positions will be decided. We also want to hear your opinion, so please take the time to fill out our form here

18/05/2014 - Race 4 Silverstone Results
Silverstone results are up. To watch the race click here and for full results click here. Also, check out some fantastic CAD images here.

10/05/2014 - Race 4 Silverstone
So we are back for race 4, Silverstone. All the cars are submitted - now lets check there legal.

28/04/2014 - Race 3 Monza Results
Monza results are now up. To watch the race click here. You may also notice a new feature below which is a short video which shows the CFD at work. Full result details are here.

23/04/2014 - Race 3 Monza, Nearly Ready
We've had all the submission in and done now. Just waiting to complete the results. 


Although you are free to use whatever programs you like, below is our advised list (along with some tutorials - coming soon) for this competition. These are the programs we use and are free to download.

Khamsin - CFD sketchup plugin
Google Sketchup - 3d modelling software 
Kerkythea - Rendering software
Virtual Stopwatch - Lap time analysis software (not free)
Welcome Pack - KVRC Welcome Pack
Submission Portal - 
Presentation of the submission portal as video or slides.

How does it work?

You register for the Challenge, prepare the car and send it to us on time

We then share them with Hibou Scientific Software who run CFD analysis upon the cars to predict their aerodynamic performances. 

After this, these predicted CFD performances are then plugged into a lap time calculator supplied by Competition Car Engineering Virtual Stopwatch to generate laptimes whilst keeping all other variables the same.





Our Partners

Hibou Scientific Software

Competition Car Engineering

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