The Challenge 2012/2013

The Challenge is produce a car to 2013 F1 regulations, using CAD software. We run Computational Fluid Dynamics on it to predict his aerodynamic performance, and then put these data into Competition Car Engineering's software Virtual Stopwatch to predict a lap time. 

This is not a team management game or driver management game. This is a 100% virtual design championship using CFD.

The 2013 competition has concluded after three rounds. Congratulations to our top three finishers, teams CSR, JJR Racing and Variante, and thanks to our competition sponsors Sabalcore and Tasman Machinery.

  Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
 2  winner  winner  68
 JJR Racing  winner  2  10  44
 Variante  9  3  2  35
 MercuryMotorsport  3  7  4  33
 Cottrell Motorsport  4  9  6  22
 LB Racing  5  4  -  22
 Team Furia F-1  12  12  3  15
 Fatality F1  11  6  7  14
 Blindblom F1  6  10  8  13
 STZ Racing  10  5  -  11
 BigSpace Racing  -  13  5  10
 Hit Reset Racing  7  11  9  8
 Wiggles GP
 8  8  -  8

More information:

How are the cars are compared?
We generate the results using predicted drag and downforce coefficients from the CFD analysis using Khamsin, a SketchUp Plugin for CFD Modelling, supplied by Hibou Scientific Software. These coefficients are then plugged into Virtual Stopwatch supplied by Competition Car Engineering to predict lap times based on real track data.

We publish laptime alongside drag and downforce coefficients. Team are provided with the opportunity to download CFD modelling results for their benefits.

Aside from F1 regulations which this competition follows, we also set certain extra rules so unrealistic sidepod / air intake sizes aren't made and other rules to prohibit the submission of unrealistic cars.

We want it to be a fun exercise. We reserve a right to virtually ground a car if its design has been obviously tailored to the limitations of this challenge.

Winner receives:

- Khamsin CFD license worth £135+ each ($200AUD) to assist your modelling efforts - supplied by Hibou Scientific Software.
- Scaled 3D printout of winning design worth upwards of £400 ($625AUD) Supplied by Tasman Machinery.
- Each team will have the opportunity to download the CFD analysis results for their car.