CFD Parameters and Cost


The Challenge is a not-for-profit unregistered association. Participation costs have been requested to cover:
  • CFD analysis costs & cloud storage space for the CFD results;
  • PayPal transaction costs.
Entry fee: Upfront AU$20, Pay Per Race AU$5.

Once all costs have been accounted for, the left over money will be transferred to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners of the season.

CFD Parameters
The mesh size depends on whether the surface is the front or rear wings or the remaining of the car. At the front & rear wing, the mesh size is approximately 4mm with 2 prism layers of ~1.2mm. The remaining of the car has a mesh size of ~8mm with 2 prism layers of ~2.4mm. The mesh size is set to be constant in the area (i.e no variation between 2 different mesh sizes). Overall the cell count is expected to increase from approximately 900,000 cells last year to around 2,600,000 cells. As shown on the picture, there may still be issues with separate wing elements getting merged.

See images of the front and rear wings mesh:

The domain uses a coarser mesh away from the car, with a refinement box extended downwards 1 car length. See screenshots: