The Challenge 2015

KVRC 2015 raises the challenge with a different formula. This year rules are based on a Le Mans Prototype formula to challenge participants to different and more open designs. Below are the designs from the first race of the season:

2015 Winner Prize

Many thanks to CAEdevice who is sponsoring a winner prize (as well as participating): a lifetime subscription to rFactor 2 so that you can not only test your design skills but also your driving skills. Exciting News!

2015 Calendar

  • Round 1 - 2nd April (Nurburgring)
  • Round 2 - 14th May (Monaco)
  • Round 3 - 25th June (Nurburgring)
  • Round 4 - 6th August (Magny Cours, non-championship)
  • Round 5 - 17th September (Sao Paulo)
  • Round 6 - 5th November (Sepang)
No Further Race...

Rule Book and CAD files

Entries must comply with the KVRC rulebook, available below:

Comments are welcome in the F1Technical discussion thread.

Test your design on Virtual Stopwatch @

KVRC 2015 Teams


KVRC 2015 is organised by:
  • Chris Savage (cdsavage) - Rule boxes, rule book, F1Technical, and more;
  • Julien de Charentenay, PhD - CFD modelling aspects, website, rendering, and engagement (but I am an engineer);
  • Nicholas McDowell - Rendering, advising, industry engagement; and
  • Luke Buttress - Rule boxes and rule book.
  • And a special thanks to Richard Machin, CEng, from Competition Car Engineering for his support, software and accepting to be part of this challenge.
Don't be annoyed if we have forgotten you, just let us know.